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How can I get rid of fleas on my dog forever

There are a few steps you can take to get rid of fleas on your dog for good.

1. Use a flea comb: A flea comb is an effective and natural way to remove fleas from your dog’s fur. It can be used both preventatively, by checking regularly for the presence of fleas, and as a method of treatment in the case of an infestation. Flea combs have small teeth that trap adult fleas and eggs which can then be eliminated with soap or hot water.

2. Bathe your dog regularly: Regularly bathing your dog with shampoo helps to kill any existing fleas on the skin and hair coat of your pup as well as deterring new ones from settling there. Make sure to use a specially formulated pet shampoo as some human shampoos may contain harsh chemicals that could cause irritation for your pup’s sensitive skin.

3. Use topical treatments: These products come in the form of topical spot-on treatments or collars and are applied directly to the skin. They work by releasing insecticides into the area around the neck and throughout their fur, which kills any fleas present on contact or keep them away altogether

Bathe your dog regularly with flea shampoo

Regularly bathing your dog with flea shampoo is a key step in eliminating fleas from your dog. By using flea shampoo, you can reduce the presence of fleas on your pet quickly and effectively. Flea shampoos are specifically designed to kill fleas and their eggs, thus preventing them from reproducing on your pet’s fur.

Bathing your pup regularly with a flea shampoo can also help to prevent any future infestations. Flea shampoos contain insecticides that seresto-collar website will linger on your pet’s fur. This helps ward off any new influx of bugs trying to make a home off of your beloved canine companion!

In addition to regular baths, it’s also important to keep up with good grooming habits like brushing and combing frequently. This helps remove already-present fleas as well as any eggs they may have laid while they’ve been burrowing through your pup’s fur. Regular grooming can help you find those hidden parasites before they become a problem!

Vacuum the home often

Vacuuming the home often is one of the best ways to get rid of fleas on your dog forever. When you vacuum, make sure to cover furniture, carpets and any other areas where fleas might be lurking. Vacuuming helps suck up adult fleas and eggs and will reduce their numbers significantly over time. Additionally, once you’ve finished vacuuming, empty the bag or canister immediately so that any remaining larvae aren’t released elsewhere in your home.

You should also focus on vacuuming along baseboards, under furniture, sideboards and anywhere else a flea might hide. The vacuumed area should also be cleaned regularly with hot water as this kills nymphs and flea eggs that have been deposited by your pet. Also be sure to change the bag or filter after each use as old bags and filters can become breeding grounds for fleas!

Use a flea comb on your pet regularly

Using a flea comb is an easy and effective way to get rid of fleas on your dog forever. Flea combs are specially designed with very fine metal teeth that go deep into the fur and catch the adult fleas, larvae and eggs. A regular comb doesn’t work as well because it does not go down deep enough where the fleas and their eggs hide.

Flea combs should be used every day, or at least once per week, depending your level of infestation and how often you take your pet outdoors. To use the comb start by separating sections of fur, especially those areas around your pet’s neck, tail and behind her ears. As you pull out each section, brush gently against the direction of hair growth so you can get right down to the skin. Dip the comb in a cup filled with water (or special flea killing shampoo) between coats to remove any live insects or eggs stuck in the teeth of the comb. Repeat this process until your pet’s coat is free from pests!

Apply a flea treatment such as drops or collars

Applying flea treatment is one of the most effective ways to get rid of fleas on your dog, and to keep them from coming back. Drops and collars are the two most common types of flea treatments for dogs.

Drops are applied topically, either directly onto the coat or between the shoulder blades. Flea drops contain an insecticide that quickly and effectively kills adult fleas. The active ingredients vary among brands, but tend to last between four to eight weeks before needing reapplication.

Collars are another form of flea protection that also use insecticides to kill adult fleas – again with different types of active ingredients depending on the brand that you choose. Flea collars provide longer-lasting control than drops because they are slower to dissolve and release their insecticides into the animal’s environment. As well as killing adult fleas, these collars can also repel other parasites such as ticks and mosquitoes. They need to be replaced every six months for optimal effectiveness.


Removing fleas from your pet for good doesn’t have to seem impossible. With the right methods in place, you’ll be able to eliminate fleas from your home and your pet’s fur in no time at all.

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